What is the Best Brand of Gun Safe?

Gun owners understand just how important it is to have a quality gun safe.  Having a safe to lock your guns away in could be the difference between life and accidental death.  The unfortunate fact is that these tragic accidents do occasionally occur, but you can prevent them by taking the simple step of buying and using a gun safe.

So, what are the best brands and what do they offer?  Here is a quick overview of some of the best.


Amsec is one of the gun safe brands that is known for quality craftsmanship.  This is important when it comes to buying a gun safe because you want to make sure that your firearms are always secure.

Most of Amsec’s safes are long enough to fit a rifle or shotgun, and they are also fireproof.  However, they do also have some smaller, less expensive safes if that is what you are looking for.


Gunvault specializes in small handgun safes that can fit just about anywhere.  Whether you are looking to lock your handgun in a drawer, or take it with you on the road and make sure that it doesn’t ever end up in the wrong hands, Gunvault likely has a safe that will perfectly meet your needs. 

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Lockdown Accessories

Lockdown Accessories specialize in pistol racks and organizers.  Obviously, if you have small children in your home, these are not going to provide you with the security that you need, but if you don’t have children and you simply want to organize your firearms, then Lockdown Accessories likely has a product that you will enjoy.

Making sure that your guns are properly stored is essential in keeping safe, and all of these brands offer some excellent products to do just that.