Embrace Aging and Make it Your Own


Anti-aging creams are everywhere. Even 20 year olds are running to the counters to prevent signs of aging before they even begin.  These solutions can be harmful to their skin and it’s always better to seek out professionals for facials anchorage ak or in your local area that embrace age and treat the skin with the care it deserves.

The larger problem, though, is the obsession of our culture with the appearance of youth and products claiming to stop and reverse the signs of aging.

This may be the status quo here, but there are many other cultures in the world, both past and present, that embrace aging.

Ancient Rome

In ancient Roman times, most people wouldn’t live too long, but those that did were celebrated.  Their wisdom was respected by the culture and often written about in literature.


Chinese children are often expected to not only take care of their parents and grandparents, but to always take their advice because they have acquired the knowledge that only years of experience can bring.


In India, with age comes power.  Many older members of a family are the heads of the households due to their gained wisdom.


In Japanese culture, people of age are seen as useful in a different manner.  They may not be working, but a presence called “ikigai” guides them in everyday tasks like exercise or meaningful conversations with younger people.

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Cultures past and present celebrate age and wear the years as badges of honor and respect.  In the US that may not be a universal part of the culture, but the lines and wrinkles don’t have to be something feared.  Instead, embrace age and try to make it as healthy as possible by tailoring your routines to best work for your body.  Fear not, with age comes the knowledge, confidence, and calm that younger people simply cannot fathom.