How to Find the Ring for Her

The moment has come when you are prepared to pop the big question.  The only thing holding you back from making the move is the perfect ring.  You begin to look at engagement rings naperville il, but the selection is overwhelming and you are not sure which cut to get.  The following are some tips to finding the perfect engagement ring for your fiancée.

Have a reasonable budget

The first tip, and probably the most important, is to have a reasonable and realistic budget.  This will cost you, so too low of a budget will severely narrow your search.  However, too high of a budget will put you at risk of overspending for a ring or put you in a financial situation.  There are rules about one month’s salary, but that would vary based on your job.  So how much can a ring set you back?  It varies depending on many factors, but can range from 1000 or higher.  However, the average cost is around 6000 dollars.

What is her lifestyle?

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An important tip is to think about her lifestyle and what ring would be the right fit for her.  If she is a nurse or very outdoorsy, but a rock the juts out may not be the right choice for her. Also, hopefully by now you know if she likes things simple or extravagant. 

Ask a friend of hers

Get someone that knows your fiancée well.  Just make sure that she isn’t loose-lipped.  This will help you because women typically discuss the types of rings they like with their close friends.  He or she will probably also know you fiancées size.

Look in different lighting

Lighting can change how a ring appears.  It is a great idea to look at the ring in different lighting. The jeweler will try to show you the ring in the best light possible, but you want to see how it will look in everyday life.

While the right ring is important, a heart of gold will always win her over.